5 Reasons Why Masonry Contractors Love Using Porcelain Pavers

Whatever type of hardscaping you want around your home or business – from patios and terraces, to pool surrounds and balconies – masonry contractors are likely to recommend that you use porcelain pavers. Why? Because they’re easy to install, incredibly durable, and of a very high quality overall, especially when compared to other materials on the market today. In addition to this, porcelain pavers also come in a huge and varied selection of both colors and finishes, making them perfectly suited for virtually anywhere outdoor need.

Need a little more convincing? Here are 5 things that make porcelain pavers so appealing to professional masonry contractor in Queens, NY:

1. They’re highly freeze/thaw resistant

Extreme changes in temperature is something many American homeowners are forced to contend with, but fortunately, porcelain pavers are able to handle this. Unlike asphalt, concrete or porous natural stone, the durability and nonporous qualities of porcelain pavers mean that they don’t crack when faced with temperature changes that cause the ground to contract and expand, freeze and thaw.

2. They’re slip resistant

With their surface being slightly textured, porcelain pavers don’t get slippery like many other materials during wet conditions, and can be relied upon to keep people safe when walking on them, whatever the weather.

3. They’re heat and UV resistant

For anyone living in a warm, sunny climate, porcelain pavers are a great material to choose for decks and balconies, as they are highly resistant to fading. Other materials, such as concrete, often start to become discolored following repeated exposure to UV rays, whereas porcelain pavers are able to retain their color and original look.

Also, porcelain pavers are heat resistant, and remain much cooler to the touch than deck or balcony tiles made of natural stone.

4. They’re stain resistant

A popular choice for homeowners and highly recommended by masonry contractors, porcelain pavers are highly resistant to staining, thanks to their nonporous qualities. This also means that they never even need to be sealed, and in terms of maintenance, little is required to keep them looking as good as new.

5. They’re low maintenance

As touched upon briefly in the point above, as a masonry material, porcelain pavers require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for all manner of exterior projects. Resistant to staining, scratching, chipping, discoloring, fire, and cracking from temperature changes, once they’re professionally installed, you need never seal them, or re-seal them! Manufactured to be entirely nonporous and impenetrable, they’re also so quick and simple to clean. All you need do is wipe them with soapy water (you can use a mild liquid detergent) every once in a while (or as and when needed), and they’ll continue looking great, while lasting for many years to come.

On the rare occasions that a porcelain paver should become stained or damaged, they can easily and cheaply be removed and replaced by a skilled masonry contractor.

So, if you’re looking for high quality, long lasting and aesthetically stunning balcony paving in Queens, porcelain pavers come highly recommended, and make for an economical and low-maintenance option when compared to most other masonry materials.

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